Sound that good? THEORY high output SB25 loudspeaker

Theory sb25 on-wall multipurpose loudspeaker is a compact, high-output double 5” bass-reflex design that can be used in almost any application: surround sound, distributed audio, hi-fidelity stereo or gaming.



Description: Compact Multipurpose High Output Loudspeaker System

Operation: Passive, Requires 1 THEORY ALC Amp channel

Drivers: 2 x 5″ THEORY Carbon Fiber Low Frequency Driver

1 x 1.4″ THEORY Advanced Polymer Compression Driver

Bandwidth: 58Hz -23kHz

Sensitivity: 94dB-108dB SPL

Power Handling: 200W (AES)

Coverage: 120 Degrees Conical

Power Req’d: Requires THEORY Amplified Loudspeaker Controller

Max Output: 117dB

Impedance: 4-ohms

Colors: Black

Accessories: sb25 Universal Mount Adapter, sb Table Top Stand

Dimensions: 21.5″ H x 9.5″ W x 3.8″ D

Weight: 23 lbs.

Drawings and manuals here


(All measurements made with Klippel Near Field Scanner, in free space with the grille cloth)

The sb25 Listening-Axis Frequency Response is remarkably flat and extended.

The CEA2034 or “Spinorama” data encapsulates the performance of a loudspeaker in a typical room. The sb25 “Listening Window” response is ruler-flat, exactly the response that delivers accurate timbre, unmatched detail and coherence to the listener’s ears.

The CEA2034 Estimated In-Room Response predicts the response of the speaker in a typical listening room. The sb25 response is smooth and exhibits a gentle downward slope, exactly what you expect to see from a very accurate loudspeaker system.

The sb25 horizontal off-axis response is predictable and smooth all the way to 90 degrees.

Horizontal reflections are the room reflections you hear the “most”. Ceiling and floor reflections typically factor into perceived sound quality to a much lesser degree. You can see the Total Horizontal Reflections (green) is extended and smooth indicating that the reflected sound from an sb25 loudspeaker is neutral in timbre and wide in bandwidth.

The sb25 offers wide dispersion all the way to the very top audio octave. Everyone hears wide-band, detailed sound.

The “Directivity Contour Plot” shows the speaker’s dispersion characteristics using color to represent output magnitude. A quick inspection of the sb25’s contour plot reveals its very wide, but very uniform dispersion.

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