Meet the New Addition to Our Showroom: The Gershman Acoustics Studio II

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you: Acoustipower is now an authorized dealer of Gershman Acoustics, a worldwide designer and manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers since 1993. To celebrate this partnership, we had the honor of welcoming Eli and Ofra Gershman, the founders of Gershman Acoustics, to our showroom. They personally delivered and set up a pair of their stunning Studio II loudspeakers for us to demonstrate.

The Studio II loudspeakers are the smallest made by Gershman Acoustics, but they pack a big punch. They are full-range studio monitors that deliver unsurpassed transparency, accuracy, neutrality and musicality. They use an eight-inch woofer/midrange driver made from extra-thick black anodized aluminum and a one-inch coated silk dome tweeter with a dual-chamber. The cabinets are made from one-inch thick HDF with curved sides that contribute to better imaging and unbelievable 3D soundstage.

We were blown away by the performance of these speakers. They reproduced every genre of music with clarity, dynamics and realism. The bass was deep and tight, the midrange was smooth and natural, and the treble was detailed and airy. The soundstage was wide and deep, with precise imaging and holographic presence. These speakers truly brought music to life in our showroom.


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