Home theater design and build

We are a full-service design/build firm that specializes in custom home theater rooms, big or small.

The design of your home theater is the single most critical element of the entire project. The design of any acoustic space, from professional studios to home theaters, is not based on a simple philosophy or an equipment list. Acoustic design is the experienced application of science and physics to your home theater concept.

Remember, your private theater should not only look amazing, but it should also sound amazing. However, even the very expensive sound system is NOT going to sound good in a room that is not properly treated acoustically.

Every successful, and within-the-budget, home theater project includes a comprehensive design and engineering plan. Acoustipower works closely with the homeowner, the architect,  and the interior designer to develop all the construction plans, engineering plans, and documentation before the construction of the project begins.

In comparison to the rest of the home, the theater, or screening room has its own set of rules. It’s in a world of its own and must be approached differently than the rest of the home from a design and construction standpoint.

To put it simply, people often do not realize how complicated the process is. From room aspect, soundproofing, speaker layout, lighting, risers, and anywhere in between. Don’t worry, let us assist you going through the process.




The first step would be to get to know you and the vision you have for the theater environment. For example, are you imagining a Traditional, Modern, or Thematic Home Theater? Are you dreaming of a dedicated theater room or a multi-function entertainment environment, such as Karaoke, event television, or playing games? Would you like to show your expensive speakers or you’d rather hide the equipment?  What video/audio source you’d like to play in the theater? How many guests you’d like to have in the room? and so on.



Before proceeding with the design phase, we would need to analyze your wishlist in order to identify any possibilities or limitations. Usually, your wishlist can be broken down into the following 5 categories: A/V Equipment, Furniture, Interior Finish, Soundproofing Level, and Acoustic Treatments. At this point, we’ll need to examine what are your priorities and how should they be reflected in the budget. If the sound is the most important part of your theater, you may invest more money in your speakers and Sound Control products. Other people may be more interested in having the best and largest screen possible and will invest heavily in a projector and screen. Furthermore, some people want to create a really elegant design for their theater and will prioritize these elements in their budget.


design_htWith the ideas and information gathered from the analysis session, once the workable budget has been created and you’re comfortable with the priorities of different elements in your theater, our designers will begin the job.

In this stage, the complete set of construction plans will be delivered. These detailed plans include :

  • Full 3D drawings, including recommended speaker, projector, screen, and seating along with optimum placement.
  • Detailed top plan view, including the location of all items in the room.
  • Electrical plan, including high and low voltage elements.
  • Detailed millwork and cabinet plans.
  • HVAC and Mechanical design.
  • Lighting design, including fixture specifications.
  • Color and fabric design and specifications.

ht_build4. BUILD

The single most important component of any home theater system is the room itself. It is also that component, which if implemented incorrectly, will be the most expensive to correct.  Your engagement process begins with your home cinema design, and our experienced team can be further engaged to consult on the project, execute the construction, or provide a fully turnkey finished space. We can also work closely with your own builder or contractor(if the home theater project is part of your whole home renovation) to assure all members of the project team that the smallest detail is not missed compromising the final result.

Our reputation has been built on excellent sound quality in every private home cinema we design, build, and calibrate. It has not been based on what brands of products we may or may not recommend. As in all of our work, Acoustipower provides a complete set of construction prints including framing, electrical, lighting, mechanical requirements, sound isolation, and acoustic treatment.


Most reputable home theatre companies only hire people who have obtained a consumer electronics certification through professional organizations, like CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association). This guarantees that any home theatre project will be completed with accuracy and precision. A Home Theatre Installation Technician will treat your home with great care by wearing protective boot coverings while walking through the home and cleaning up on a regular basis to ensure that dust and debris, from the installation, are not trailed throughout the home.


After all these elements have been installed, the calibration is to ensure your A/V equipment performs at an optimal level for the new Home Theater environment that’s been created for you. How much better will your screen look after a proper calibration? Astonishingly good! Most people are amazed at how much better even mid-level screens look. The same is the sound! We use Professional Audio/Video equipment to fully calibrate your sophisticated TV, projector, and audio devices. Our trained technician will apply the latest tools and techniques to create the most true-to-life high-definition experience for you.









7. GRAND OPENINGht_groundopening

After a few weeks (and possibly months), it’s opening night, and your theater is finally complete. Friends and family come over to share this exciting and auspicious occasion. The lights come down and everyone is transported into a visceral experience unlike any other.