Musical Fidelity M6X VINYL | Phono Stage White



The M6x ViNYL is a very high performance, highly accurate phono MM/MC cartridge amplifier in a beautifully designed and executed casework. We set out to make a phono stage without any practical limits. It’s designed in such a way to ensure you cannot overload the input stage or encounter any practical limitations in the output driving capacity during regular use, whether running single-ended or balanced. It has three inputs, and each can be individually set for either MM/ MC and loading. Each input also then remembers its own settings. It offers state-of-the art technical and sonic performance at a very competitive price and is the epitome of the true spirit of high-end audio.

Design Philosophy

While updating from the M6 ViNYL to the M6x ViNYL, we have switched to an entirely discrete circuitry, which results in better technical measurements and better sound. It is equipped with one balanced input and output as well as two single-ended inputs and one single-ended output to fit well into any vinyl hi-fi system. But the important question is: what is so special about discrete circuits

The Advantage of Discrete Circuits

A discrete circuit is composed of electronic components which are disparate, individual devices, also called discrete components. These can be “passive” components, like resistors, capacitors and inductors, as well as “active” components, which in our case are transistors. The opposite to this would be an integrated circuit, which uses operational amplifiers (Op-Amps) in the signal chain. In our industry we employ specialised Op-Amps built for audio applications, which allow us to produce very small and efficient electronics, as well as saving the time of design engineers. However, countless hours of listening tests and years of experience have shown us that even the very best Op-Amps do not tend to be so neutral, natural, dynamic or vivid – all of which are characteristics of the Musical Fidelity “sound”. For that reason, we’re rediscovering our passion for traditional, discrete designs. Where standard phono pre-amplifiers with integrated circuits have a few tens or hundreds of components, discrete designs will employ hundreds or thousands of components by comparison. That makes for an extended design process, but in our opinion results in the best sound for your money. The unit features three separate, independently selectable cartridge inputs. This allows choice between three different turntables, or multiple tone arm configurations if required. Selectable gain is provided to allow for different cartridge sensitivities and ton suit any equipment. Cartridge type and loading is selected by front selector buttons for optimum cartridge performance.

Making Way For Pure Music

The true point of any electronic, actually any audio component, is that you don‘t know it is there. You completely forget its existance. By that criteria the M6x Vinyl is almost perfect. It has no practical audible noise, it doesn‘t really have distortion, you cannot overload its input or output, you can load your cartridge perfectly. It exists to serve the music. To bring the artists intent, emotions and passion to your ears and heart.

The M6 Vinyl In Brief

  • Exact and preccise loading for MM and MC cartridges
  • Balanced input & output
  • Fully discrete circuit board design
  • M6x Vinyl – Specifications

    MM Input

    • Frequency response: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ±0 .2dB
    • Input sensitivity: 5mV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)
    • Input impedance: 47KΩ
    • Input capacitance: 50-400pF selectable
    • THD at 1 kHz: <0.005%
    • Overload margin: 26dB
    • Signal to noise ratio: >101dB

    MC Input

    • Frequency response: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ±0.25dB
    • Input sensitivity: 500μV in for 500mV out (at 1kHz)
    • Input impedance: 25Ω to 1,2KΩ selectable
    • Input capacitance: 470pF fixed
    • THD at 1 kHz: <0 .02%
    • Overload margin: 26dB
    • Signal to noise ratio: >90dB

    Outputs (RCA/XLR)

    • 1 pair RCA: left and right 500mV nom 10V max
    • 1 pair XLR (balanced): left and right 1V nom 20V max

    Power requirement

    • Mains voltages: 230V/115V Internally set or 100V optional. AC 50/60Hz
    • Consumption: 20 Watts maximum. <0 .5W in standby (orange LED on)

    Weight and Dimensions

    • Unit only, unboxed: 5.5 kg
    • In shipping carton & inc . accessories: 11 kg
    • W x H(incl. feet) x D(incl. terminals): 440 x 100 x 385mm

    Standard accessories

    • Mains lead: 10 Amp IEC


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