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LYNGDORF BW-20 High-performance passive boundary woofer


BW stands for Boundary woofer – a Lyngdorf approach where a subwoofer is designed to be placed near the wall boundaries, for example right in the corner, achieving the best bass impulse response by avoiding delayed bass bouncing back off the walls, instead taking advantage of room acoustics. The BW-20 is the company’s largest BW model, extending the line-up of the compact in-room woofers BW-2 and BW-3.

More than a subwoofer

The BW-20 is a high-bandwidth woofer, reaching down to 19Hz but also up to 500Hz. This allows a seamless integration with any size front speakers and crossover filter type, and avoids any sound performance gap even if the front speakers are not low-reaching full-range speakers.

In-wall, on-wall, in-room

The overall construction with both woofers on one side, closet cabinet design, shallow cabinet depth and satin-matte finish allow both in-wall and in-room placement. The best performance and speaker integration will be achieved as an in-wall woofer together with in-wall speakers, while the cabinet design also allows placement in the room, used as a free-standing boundary woofer firing into the room or against the wall.


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