Klipsch Jubilee FloorsStanding Speaker (Single) Walnut


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The Klipsch Jubilee is the final project that founder Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) worked on. It was his dream to create a fully horn loaded speaker that would satisfy the most ardent audiophiles. Originally intended to be the successor to the Klipschorn, PWK soon realized it was much more than that. Twenty-first century advancements in engineering and technology have allowed Klipsch to make his dream a reality. Experience the magnificent presence, power, detail and emotion of live music at home like never before.

DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA – Using Domestic and Imported Components
The Klipsch Jubilee enclosure is made in the USA, by proud craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas. Just like Paul W. Klipsch intended.

The Klipsch Jubilee features an external active DSP crossover network to ensure the highest degree of accurate reproduction of sound. The DSP network adjusts the phase and time delay of each acoustic component to eliminate acoustic phase cancellations and maximize output in the crossover region for truer-to-life sound. The DSP network also provides the necessary EQ and gain adjustment to blend the two acoustic components together seamlessly. Beautifully designed for shelf or rack mount applications, the Klipsch Jubilee active crossover also features adjustable low frequency and high frequency trim levels to ensure the ultimate listening experience tailored to your room and personal taste.


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