IsoAcoustics Delos Turntable Isolation Butcher Block Series: 1815M2 (18″W x 15″D x 3″H) Maple


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  • 18” (455mm) Wide x 15” (380mm) Depth. 3” (76mm) Thick. 55 lbs (24.9 kg) weight capacity. The additional mass of the 3” model provides an edge in performance over the 1 ¾” thick model.
  • DELOS 1815M2 Isolated Maple Butcher Block is durable and resistant to scratches and dents. The Maple butcher block is sealed with a urethane-based satin finish which is resistant to stains and most solvents.
  • REVEAL THE FINER DETAILS FROM YOUR RECORDS: The combination of the hardness, thickness and mass of these butcher blocks in combination with the IsoAcoustics integrated isolators results in a stable platform that greatly attenuates the transfer of vibrations with the supporting structure.
  • TURNTABLE ISOLATION: The stylus navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s groves is a delicate process that is very sensitive to vibrations. The DELOS butcher block decouples the turntable from the supporting surface and dramatically diminishes structural vibrations and resonances, resulting in greater clarity and detail.
  • PATENTED ISOACOUSTICS ISOLATION: Tested at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The IsoAcoustics award winning design provides superior isolation performance.


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