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The PF6ATM compact speaker was specifically designed to be placed atop a floorstanding speaker. Facing the ceiling, it reproduces surround effects present in the Dolby Atmos audio tracks offered by new Blu-ray movies. It adds a vertical dimension to the sound of a traditional 5.1 system to offer the viewer more realism and greater immersion.


With the Elipson Prestige Facet 6ATM, the home cinema experience is more intense than ever before. These speakers handle the full range of immersive multichannel formats and add a vertical dimension to the listening experience. They have inherited all the trademarks of the Prestige Facet range: an elegant design, high-quality materials, a meticulous finish… As for their sonic performance, it is certified Dolby Atmos and meets a demanding set of criteria. The speaker is equipped with a 14 cm driver installed in a sealed enclosure for the reproduction of lows and mids. A bullet-shaped phase plug is installed in the center of the driver to limit vibrations and, consequently, reduce distortion. The driver’s multifaceted, sculpted silicone surround ring serves to reduce the baffle effect and limit diffractions. At the front, a 25 mm soft dome tweeter offers ultra-efficient sound directivity, which is required for sound waves to reflect off the ceiling properly and for mid-highs to be kept from reaching the side walls. The result is a frequency response ranging from 65 Hz to 25 kHz (± 3 dB). Its 15° angle allows it to be placed atop a floorstanding speaker in order to obtain optimal reproduction of surround sound effects and live the intense experience of total immersion.


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