Made in France, the Chroma Carbon is a turntable with a carbon finish. It is equipped with an Ortofon 2M red cartridge, a very light and high rigidity carbon arm with an arm lift for a smooth handling. The speed selection (33/45/78 rpm) is automatic. It also benefits from a new digital drive motor, allowing a perfect speed of rotation while being quieter.


    market, 100% made in France.

    6 years later, Elipson offers a new range, complete, while keeping the strength of the initial design of its turntable and the know-how of its French factory.

    Alpha, Omega and Omega Carbon are replaced by Chroma 200 and Chroma 400 and Chroma Carbon.

    Many improvements have been made to these three ranges:

    – arm lift on all models,

    – new quieter motor and evolution of its shock absorbing decoupling

    – new two-part platform for better flatness

    – optimisation of the electronic cards

    – new finishes

    Each turntable will be delivered with a mechanical balance for an optimal adjustment of the cell

    Elipson is very proud to offer you all these improvements, without increasing the sales price of its turntables


    Châssis : PMMA
    Plateau : Acier embouti
    Bras : Carbone
    Cellule : Ortofon 2M RED
    Adaptateur 45 Tr : Aluminium
    Coloris : Habillage carbone
    Dimensions (mm) : L450 x H120 x P380
    Poids : 5,8 kg


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