Earthquake’s XJ-700R amplifier addresses the need to correctly adjust a room to precision audiophile status.

The XJ-700R has a built-in boundary EQ designed to remove exaggerated boomy sounds created by corner loading, large wall surfaces or installations inside custom cabinetry. The 99% efficient XJ-700R amplifier addresses the actual phase correction problem with the room EQ.

Additionally, the XJ series amplifiers are optimized to work in conjuction with the Q10B and MQB-1 tactile transducers, as well as THOR In-wall subwoofers. The XJ-700R can easily power up to two THOR In-wall subwoofers, four Q10B or six MQB-1 tactile transducers.


  • Built-in Boundary Equalizer
  • ON/AUTO/12V Trigger
  • Rack Mountable (1U space)
  • Comes complete with remote control


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