Earthquake’s XJ-1000FR is a high fidelity DSP (digital signal processing)professional amplifier. Equally suited for home and professional use, the XJ-1000FR is ideal for full range stereo reproduction and a variety of other home and studio applications.

Versatile & loaded with features, the XJ-1000FR offers users six preset equalizers: flat, music, movie, dynamic, impact, and a user mode. In user mode, a 30-band equalizer is available and programmable for ultimate sound customization. There are 4 memory storage modes that can be used to store and recall the DSP settings.

LPF (low pass filter) and HPF (high pass filter) can be set from 50Hz to 4kHz. Built-in Left / Right RCA Inputs and Left / Right XLR Balanced Inputs accommodate for a wide range of input signals; thus adding to the versatility of the XJ-1000FR.


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Left / Right RCA Inputs
  • Left / Right XLR Balanced Inputs
  • Stereo / Bridged Switch
  • Output Power:
    1 x 1000 WRMS at 4Ω Bridged
    1 x 600 WRMS at 8Ω Bridged
    2 x 300 WRMS at 4Ω
    2 x 150 WRMS at 8Ω
    2 x 500 WRMS at 2Ω
  • External Trigger Input
  • USB Port
  • Left / Right RCA Output
  • MAC & PC compatible
  • DRCDC (Dynamic Rail Control Drive Circuitry)


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