Earthquake Sound presents its next creation from the TITAN series, the Theia center channel speaker.

Its sleek exterior is matched only by its performance. Theia’s curved cabinet design integrates the Acoustic Array System Design (AASD) technology to allow even audio distribution in a wider listening area. With two 1″ (25mm) silk dome tweeters positioned at the very front and center of the unit, Theia can achieve perfect positioning for wider dispersion and better image stability, allowing everyone in the room equal enjoyment of Theia’s superior performance.

The patented Piston-Max Technology (PMT) is integrated into Theia’s four 4″ Kevlar cones to increase efficiency and accuracy of music reproduction. In addition, each Theia driver is magnetically shielded to prevent interference from any nearby component (TV, receiver, Blu-ray player, etc.). Theia also incorporates the patented Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System (SLAPS) which dramatically increases its efficiency as well as extends its sub-harmonic frequency response.


  • Full range, magnetically shielded drivers with 4″ Kevlar cones and Piston-Max patented technology
  • Two 1″ enhanced live action silk dome tweeters
  • AASD (Acoustic Array System Design) technology
  • Patented SLAPS(Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System) Technology
  • Gold plated push terminals
  • Adjustable rear spike for better speaker aim


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