Earthquake Sound Cinénova IR16

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The second generation multi-zone amplifier, the Cinénova IR16, has the power no other multi-zone amplifier in the market can equal.  Designed with 8 individual power supplies (bifilar) for power isolation, accuracy, and better channel separation, this rack-mountable amplifier can deliver up to 150 Watts RMS, a power rating that is almost unheard of for multi-zone amplifier.

The bridgeable output design enables the Cinénova IR16 to accommodate 4-Ohm and 8-Ohm speakers.  Moreover, the LOCAL/BUS input audio selector on each of the eight zones allows it to amplify either a single source or up to 8 different inputs/sources.  The Cinénova IR16 amplifier includes eight sets of external gain keypads and remote controls with IR capability for great flexibility and user-friendly adjustments.

Whether you seek more power or more options, the Cinénova IR16 will give you more than you can ever expect for a multi-zone amplifier.


  • Bridgeable output
  • Zone IR control with individual digital pad
  • Decor friendly keypads
  • Four built-in IR repeaters
  • Rear gain control limiter to limit the output gain of the zone pad
  • LOCAL/BUS input audio selector for each zone
  • 12V DC trigger
  • Individually driven amplifier blocks (each block is driven by a discrete complementary output class A/B stage with selected components
  • Individual power supplies (bifilars) for power isolation, accuracy, and better channel separation


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