VSSL A.3x Three Zone WiFi Amplifier


6 Channel 3 zone streaming system


We live in a world where streaming music is the most convenient way to enjoy the audio we love. But we dont just want to be restricted to listening to our streaming audio on our devices. The VSSL A Series brings your streaming music into your home. Finally, a product that allows you to stream your music from your favorite devices directly to your home speakers. The VSSL A.3 connects up to 3 zones to your home audio system giving you the freedom to use any app on any device to play any audio within those 3 zones. You can have three different devices listening to three different songs in three different zones, simultaneously, or enjoy the same song in all three zones at once.

The VSSL A.3x provides audio streaming for up to 3 zones (or rooms), giving you the freedom to use any app on any device to play any audio within those 3 zones. You can have 3 different users and devices playing 3 different songs in 3 different rooms simultaneously or enjoy the same song throughout. The A.3x can also be used to add more zones, or rooms, of audio to an existing VSSL audio system.

Zones: 3 EQ: 7-band adjustable
Channels: 6 S/N Ratio: >101dB
Amplifier: Class D, 50 W @ 4Ω/8Ω Freq. Response: 20-50kHz


Inputs: (3) Matrixed Analog, (1) Optical, (1) IR, (1) Network Rack Space: 1U
Wireless Inputs: Airplay2, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Alexa Cast

Operating Voltage: 115-230 VAC 50/60 Hz auto switch



Outputs: (3) Matrixed Analog, (1) Network Dimensions (No Feet): 17” W x 1.72” H x 10.6” D
Dimensions (with Feet): 17” W x 2.42” H x 10.6” D

Additional information

Dimensions 10.6 × 17 × 1.72 in


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